My name is Janaya and I’ve lost 14kgs over two weight loss challenges.

This was over a 6 month period at Empower Woman’s Gym.

I started losing weight to live a healthier lifestyle and improve my overall wellbeing. 

 Food is a big part of my life being a pacific islander, we eat a lot! Before I started my journey I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted. I still eat what I want just in moderation and slightly healthier. I thought I would have to give up all my favourite foods and drinking alcohol, but I’ve realised you can still eat your favourite things just to make it healthier. 

 The hardest part of this journey for me is meal prep. Trying to motivate myself the night before to prep my lunches so I wasn’t tempted to just go and buy my lunch was hard. I still, while I’m in maintenance, find it hard to prepare meals. 

 The easiest thing for me in this journey was working out. I’ve always loved sports and been physically active. I work out in the gym, 6 days a week, having a Sunday off and play netball on a Monday night. I thought when I started this journey that losing weight would mean I had to do cardio all the time. Cardio still till this day is something I don’t always do. I loved lifting weights so I decided to just do what I loved and see where it took me. 

 Getting to my goal weight I was so proud of myself. I feel so much healthier, fitter and all round happy. I’m more confident with my body and definitely appreciate it more.