My name is Kathryn.

I have lost 7kgs in 16 weeks.

I lost my weight by exercising at the gym about 4 days a week, and eating a much healthier diet, where I created a calorie deficit.

Before going on my weight loss journey, my diet used to include a lot of sweet foods and take away foods. Because of the type of food I was eating and the extra weight I was carrying, I was feeling pretty unhealthy and my energy levels were low.

I belong to a gym called Empower Woman’s Gym. They have a weight loss program running and I heard about the great results other members were having, who were on the program. This made me decide to sign up.

What I did to lose weight

One of the important things I did was to show up at my weigh in appointment, every week. Even when I had a bad week and I had put on weight. I would still show up, weigh myself and get coached on what was happening. Then reset my goal for the next week.

I also worked out at the gym about 4 times a week. I do a variety of cardio and strength training. My sessions last about 40 minutes. If I am away on holiday, I walk to help keep up my fitness.

I cut out most of the sugar and take away foods from my diet and replaced them with healthy alternatives. I do however, choose to have sweets and take aways sometimes, as part of my eating plan. This means I don’t end up feeling deprived or craving food. I want to build a lifestyle, not be on a deprivation diet that I can’t wait to finish.

The changes the weight loss has made

I feel a lot healthier, and fitter, physically. I am enjoying doing things that require some fitness, like the Kiwi Walk/run series. I fit my clothes better. And I am feeling a lot better emotionally.

My advice to others – If I can do it, you can do it!

Believe in yourself, don’t let others judge you and lose weight at your own pace.