Because we’ve all been helped through fitness and we want to share that experience with our members


Founded in 2016, Empower Gym is a local, New Zealand business owned by a passionate, sports loving family.

Growing up our whole family was involved with sports. It was an important outlet when things were tough and a great way to socialize and spend time with the people we cared about – many of our closest friends we made through fitness! Because of this exercise has always been a hugely positive experience in our lives, and it’s an experience we want to share with others. 

Why a women’s only gym? Growing up, we were surrounded and supported by lots of strong, intelligent women. These women inspired us to achieve greatness. They also, like all of us, struggled with body image and mental health at times. We saw how fitness helped them make the bad days a lot more bearable and knew we wanted to create a safe-space to destress and make positive life changes for all women.

“I love seeing members become more confident as they come to the gym. Building personal relationships with members and seeing them through their fitness journey is what motivates me to come in everyday.” – Maddie, Empower Gym Personal Trainer


At Empower we value the workout experience. This is because we know that a great workout that leaves you feeling uplifted and accomplished is vital to keeping you motivated and on track to achieving a happier, healthier lifestyle.

To provide a positive experience we’ve worked hard on creating a safe, comfortable work-out environment, and a friendly gym culture with our members and staff. We want you to feel at home at the gym and ensure it’s an inclusive space for women of all different fitness levels, body types, races, sexualities and ages.

What this means for you

Empower Gym is a space where you can not only improve your physical health but build a routine, a healthy mindset, make friends, unwind, and use fitness to improve all aspects of your life